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Lindale - Home Remodeling Services by Bell's Construction, LLC

Home Remodleing Services for Lindale

Lindale is primarily a huge rose field supplying Tyler’s famous roses. They are grown and processed for shipment here. The area also has several wholesale tree farms.

The local motto of “Good County Living” is an event held each second Saturday in each month at CountryFest. Lindale is the hometown of  Miranda Lambert. Her family operates the Pink Pistol.

Maranda Lambert in Lindale

There are a few requirements to keep in mind when thinking about a home reconstruction project in Lindale. Especially within the city limits.

The Building Inspections Divisions are honorable checks and balances to ensure customers remain safe and building contractors adhere to common practices.

Bell’s Construction, LLC removes the burden from our customers by contacting, completing, and submitting all required documents and permit requests. 

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